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Women Empowerment by Knowledge Spreader

Women Empowerment

Hello friends welcome you on my page today I am going to discuss with you a very important topic 'Woman Empowerment

Every year on 8 March we celebrate international women's day. That is very important because some where we didn't give equal rights and power to women in society. Today we promote women empowerment but if we talk about the ground reality of it, we find it much different from the show off segment of Women Empowerment. If we talked about the condition of women in both the developed and underdeveloped countries so, women are in very bad conditions in both. We cannot say that in developed countries women are safe or they have powers and rights equal to men. 

Women suffer everywhere in home, office, society.  
In many countries women have no right, they cannot live their life according to them, they were treated as slaves. But here we talk in the context of India and how we are empowering the women of our country. 

The word empowerment is not only to speak we have to bring in it ourselves because women's can do everything and somewhere they are doing but due to the tantrum of society they have trouble in their life. 

In our country crimes related to women are increasing day by day, like rapes, acid attacks, gender discrimination, domestic violence and many more other things are happening with them. Today even women are not safe in their home. Here we discuss the most happening crimes related to women. Rapes in india : - Rape cases in our country are increasing day by day we can't count how many cases are happening daily, we only count those cases which published in newspapers or we saw on TV but Apart from this, there are many cases which we do not know or people do not raise their voice against it . We can't say that these things are happening only in rural areas because they are illiterate or they belong to a very backward classes where they don't have any knowledge or they are illiterate , whereas rapes are happing in modern cities also . 

Our capital city Delhi is the largest urban area , on the other hand today it has become a most dangerous place for womens 60% of womens are sexually harassed here .so just think that if in this type of modern cities where women are not safe, how we can think that women will save in rural or backward areas . Today womens are fighting to make the country safe for them and mens are standing with them .in spite of these there are also many womens who are tolerating these things in their life which is very wrong because if they don't raise their voices, nobody will come to raise voice against this . If we talk about the reasons behind why rape cases are increasing day by day in India so there are many reasons which may be responsible for this thing

Society :- The biggest enemy of women is society . We blame society but it is not made by only a single person it is made by us. If she is right or wrong society always judges her, if any woman becomes successful then they will also criticize her. if any rape is happened society always start judging instead of supporting , as she may have wear a short dress, she may approached him to rape or she is responsible for this and blah blah other many things . The rapist will rapes one time but the society of our country rapes many times by asking ridiculous questions to the victims. If society respects women equal to men, then many things may be sorted. 

Today women are working in every field but in spite of this society did not change their thinking. Law for rapes :- like other countries India has also its constitution books in which there are many rules and regulations laws for many things but if we talk about laws against women crimes then there is a law but it didn't applied well. In India punishment of rape is 10 years jail only. That is not enough for the rapist because he not only rapes but he also destroys a woman's life. Many rape cases are closed because the victim get scared and in other cases rapist didn't get the punishment or he get bail and he live his life freely and the victim survive the whole life with the pain. Till date only a few cases of rapes the rapist has been hanged. 

Domestic violence: - Domestic violence is one of the oldest and most happening crimes in India most of the women of the country suffer from it. Domestic violence doesn't mean only physical harassment. It is also a mental harassment. In India every year many women die due to this. The fear of society and family makes them weak. That's why many women's tolerate it. There are many women who are raising their voice against domestic violence. Domestic violence is happening both in the developed countries and undeveloped countries. If talking about the reasons behind domestic violence is the thinking of society, they think that women are made only for doing domestic work, to take care of her family, husband, child etc. In many houses women were treated like slaves. Society things that they are not equal to men can't do work like mens .

Domestic violence is the most happening violence to womens in India sometimes it happens for dowry many womens are died due to this, many womens are burnt alive in the greed of dowry and in many cases womens can't tolerate this violence and they attempt suicide.
The Government of India started many helpline numbers for womens to cope with the domestic violence but it is a things if womens will not raise their voice against then nobody can help them. 

Acid attack:- After the rape and domestic violence acid attack is also a most happening crimes in India acid attacks are happened just for a small little things like if any boy proposes the girl ,if she rejected his propose the he threw acid on her face .earlier there was no legal or particular actions for controlling the acid attacks in India but after many cases for which many NGOs and organisations started doing marches making hoarding, posters to stop acid attacks ,the government come into actions against the acid attacks. 

Not only these things are happening only in india there are many other crimes related women are happening in India .We have to accept that womens are also a part of our society, they are also human being ,we have to accept that womens are also equal to men and the can do all the things which men can do. 

Today women's are proving that they are equal to men they are also contributing in the economy of a country as example Nita Ambani ,Mitali Raj, Deepika Padukone ,Sania Mirza ,Smriti Irani ,Dr Shakuntala Devi these are the womans who are contributing in the nation . These womens are belongs to the different different fields but they are giving their best in their fields. I can't say that womens are weak or not equal to men. So respect womens. 

Major points to make women  more empower

  • Government have to make strict law to control crime against women
  • Many companies have very less vacancy for women which is unfair, we have to open equal number of vacancy to both gender 
  • We should have to change our mindset and support them equally
  • Support them and feel them special by helping her
  • Equal number of seat in government job vacancy


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