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What is AC and How it Works by Knowledge Spreader

What is AC and How it Works

Hello friends if you want to know "What is AC and How it works" then you are at right place in this article we are going to discuss in detail.

What is AC?

The fullform of AC is Air Conditioner. The Air conditioner is a machine which is used in cooling the room. AC was invented in 1902 by Wills Haviland Carrier.

Today we can say at least Approx 20% household have Air conditioners left office, college and at other places . With the time passes the services of air condition improved. Nowadays we have a lot of variety in air conditioners, before discussing the type of AC. Let's know how AC works.

Specifically, air conditioners make the room temperature at the optimum level. It helps in removing the airborne particles and humidity from the room. In 1 air conditioner there are two join coils in which there is continuous flowing refrigerator fluid. The room coil is called evaporator and the outer coil is called condenser .the fundamental principle which make the evaporator cool specially more than room temperature and make the condenser hot more than room temperature, with this condition  the continuous flowing fluid observe the heat and depart it from surroundings It is the fundamental rule.

To achieve this objective There are two more important components. First, is compressor and second is expansion valve. We can guess compressor increase the refrigerant pressure  and expansion valve is to restrict the flow of refrigerant and decrease the fluid pressure through these, the cold refrigerant is produced in air conditioner. During the heat absorption process the refrigerant get converted into vapour.


You may have heard about the TON? If if not then I am going to tell you about what  the TON is, here this word does not represent the weight of the air conditioner. TON in air conditioner shows a description of how much the operator can observe the heat from the room. In other words, we can say it represents the capacity of removing heat from the room. With the help of all these mechanical devices like condenser, evaporator, compressor and expansion valve air conditioner works.

Types of AC

If we  discuss about the type of AC then there are two types of it that are  available in the market first is window air conditioner and 2nd is split air conditioner.

So here we first discuss about the window air conditioner, it gives fast cooling comparison to split air conditioners the window AC fit on your window at the lower side because as we know we find cooling air at lower and warm air at upper side . Window air conditioner are cheaper than split AC and the maintenance cost is also very low but the noise level of of window air conditioner more than the split air conditioner. These air conditioners are big in shape because its compressor is fitted at the backside so the compressor performs its work then it creates more noise. There are also types in window air conditioner that are inverter window air conditioner and non inverter window air conditioner.

Difference between Inverter and Non inverter AC

The difference between inverter and non inverter air conditioner is their prices, inverter AC are costly than non inverter AC.
If we talk about the another type of air conditioner is split air conditioner, this type of air conditioners are fit on the wall of the room. Split air conditioners are not big in their size and we can easily fit them in the room. The sound level of split AC is very low because we have seen that in split AC the cooling machine is fitted in the room and the cabinet is fitted outside of the room in which compressor is present. That is why it creates noise at low level. There is mode in split AC remote that is turbo mode if we press the turbo mode it gives instant cooling. Because when we press turbo mod the compressor starts immediately but without it when we are on the air conditioner then after 3 minutes the compresser receives the message but with turbo mode it starts working immediately. But in price split air conditioners are costly and have heavy maintenance cost split air conditioners are also available in in inverter and non inverter so basically these are the type of bases which are available in the market but when we go to the market to purchase or by the air conditioner we have to check many things before buying it there are many brands in air conditioner which claims that their conditioners are best comparison to others but there are certain way by which we can find the best air conditioner.

First, we have to know how many TONs of AC is? The TON represents the BTU (British thermal unit) ,if we talk about conditioner of 1 ToN so it represents it has 12000 BTU/ hours heat attraction capacity. If we talk about how many Watts are in 1 TON so,we can't give standard answer of this question because it depends on there star rating but nearly we can say 1 refrigeration Ton =3516 Watts approximately . The star ratings are start from 1 to 5 and star ratings are depend upon efficiency of air conditioners the value of these stars are updating every year here I am showing you the example of value of star ratings .

Star ratings                    EER (w/w)
 No.of star.                    Min.         Max.
  1. *                                2.70          2.89
  2. **                              2.90          3.09
  3. ***                            3.10          3.29.                      4. ****.                         3.30          3.49                        5. *****                        3.50          -----


  • It helps to maintain the room temperature 
  • It helps to cool the room where heat equipment are instal
  • It helps for asthma people to inhale fresh air smoothly
  • Having Cool mind during studying 
  • Efficiency to work in cool temperature is more than normal temperature
  • Sleep is good in cool temperature
  • It maintain room ventilation.


  • Sudden fever or headache may cause when we go  cold to hot place
  • Staying for along time may destroy your skin moisture
  • Fat increase because no fat burn in cold temperature
  • Electricity bill get high


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