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Digital Marketing as a Career by Knowledge Spreader


Digital Marketing as a Career

Hello friends, welcome you on my page. Today i am going to tell you about a very interesting topic which is all about Digital Marketing 

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a digital way to promote products and services.In digital marketing with the help of internet and other online based digital technologies like desktop computers ,mobile phones and other digital media and platforms we promote products and services which may help in increase the sale of product and services.

Today digital marketing has changed the old form of marketing which might exist in print ads, phone communication or physical marketing where as in digital marketing there are any possible opportunities for brands to promote their products and services like via emails, video, social media or with website.

The main motive of marketing is to reach more and more people weather it is traditional marketing or digital marketing.

Why we need Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the easy and best technique to connect with more people in traditional marketing or offline marketing companies used to promote their product through newspaper magazines hoarding TV etc Because at that time people used these mostly through this they get attract and buy the product. But in nowadays everyone has smartphone and specially youngsters spend a lot of time on the social media videos on YouTube and read articles rather than news papers that's why all companies promote their product digitally giving ads on social media &internet. The companies promote their products in that area where there are more internet users. Digital marketing is a time saver than traditional marketing through this day can enrich many people in less time.

 How can we start Digital marketing 


Blogging is the best and secure way for digital marketing. In blogging we have to make a blog in the name of a company, in which you can give all information about your company's product details, all new launch products, deals. With this, you can attract and connect with more people.


In the content marketing you can give all detail information about your company's product in the form of content the words would be attractive and correct in the content you can also give all the deals and offers about your product .In this your words play an important role to attract your customers .it will give you more benefit when your words attractive, meaningful and accurate.


If you want more traffic on your blog through Search engine optimisation then you have to proper knowledge about this when users want any information the searched on Google then Google uses Search engine optimisation to represent the information to the user if your website comes up in Google search result then more people know about your have to make website according to the Google.


We all know that we are in a digital age where everything is getting digital so if we make career in this field we can move forward. Today digital marketing is not only for growing your business ,there is also a lots of career opportunities for us .In now a days it is becoming a huge platform for student to make their career where ,there is lots of opportunity to grow and earn money person who have skill they can do so . If we compare traditional marketing and digital marketing so ,digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing if we choose this field as a career we can do much more with the minimum investment of money and it is also very simple to learn. We can say with zero investment we can earn money if we have proper knowledge about digital marketing. Today now it doesn't matter how you can make extra ordinary product but without its proper promotion nobody will know about it and no one will purchase it because marketing plays an important role in the sale of product.There are many marketing courses for the students, beginners ,who are interested in digital marketing, and want to make their career in digital marketing.

Here the question arises why do we choose digital marketing as a career?
So there are reasons for choosing digital marketing as a career:-

  •  The first reason is that it is a more capable job you can do the whole job with your desktop computer or mobile phone.
  • The second thing is that it has good salary potential like you can charge money for per hour with experience you can charge more and more.
  • The other reason for choosing digital marketing is that you can connect with enlarge business owner , entrepreneurs and with many more other people
  • In this job you never get bored because there is always something different and new to learn.
  • And the best thing is that with minimum investment you can earn more profit.

  • Many wrong and fake things are also advertise where people get trapped
  • Comptetion is too high
  • Lots of security concern
  • You have to active on social media sites


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