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What is Social Media| Importance of Social Media by Knowledge spreader

What is Social Media, Importance of Social Media 

Hello friends welcome you on my page today I am going to tell you
What is Social Media, Importance of Social Media. If you want to know about social media then you are at right place

Today social media is a part of our life ,we spent a lot of time on it . Everyone is busy on scrolling the posts on the social media .
Social media is a platform  where the users can create and share the content or to participate in social networking by the website and applications. By social media platform we can connect each other Globally.

If we talk about the uses of social media ,for an individuals it is used to keep in touch with family and friends who are far away from them , with whom he can't met daily. Through social media they can share their feelings and emotions with each other via chats and Status Many people also uses various applications of social media  for network career opportunities or to contribute in society.

If we talk about uses of social media for society  so ,it is playing a major role to aware the society and helping the people in accessing with global . Through this people share good content which effects the society in positive way but everything has both  faces negative and positive. Today through this rumours and many other other bad things are happening in the society . Especially crimes are happening through this platform.
We can use the social media for many things there are many types of social media like:-
Social networks , Microblogging, Bookmarking sites, Social news , Social review sites, Media sharing  and many more .

These social media websites and applications enable the people to share their own feelings and emotions by many ways like in written contents or in vedio clips and pictures.
Here are some types of  social media  which are most using and more knowing applications like :-


Facebook was the first social media application which enables its users to interact with the world. Facebook was set up in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 may 1984 in New York. Since childhood he was sharp witted. He was a remarkable student in his school days. He has a lot of interest in computer programming since his childhood. He made many games at the age where children love to play games. At the college he made his first application facemash but the college ban it because they found it not good for girls. But Mark did not get disappointed.

He started his programming for a new application in January 2004 ond he launched his new application and named it
"The FACEBOOK". In starting it was limited in Harvard only but after some times Facebook became famous everywhere and in 2005 "The FACEBOOK "became FACEBOOK. Mark drop  college in the middle and shifted Palo Alto with some friends letter he buy an office and start working to improve Facebook. Many big companies try to buy Facebook but Mark Zuckerberg did not sell it because he believe that one day Facebook will become a big platform in July 2010 Facebook have 500 million users. Facebook brings many new features and changes with time passes. Today it was one of the biggest company and Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaire in the world.


Today everyone has Android phone in their hands and  everyone have WhatsApp in their phone. There is no one who have smartphone  but not use the WhatsApp. It has changed everyone's life, It is one of the best and easiest way to share picture, Video clips, Audio, Audio and Vedio call , Documents and many more other things. WhatsApp was founded by Brian acton and Jan Kaun in 2009 . Brian acton was rejected from both Facebook and Twitter company for the job , later he decided to do something by his own he started working with his friend Jan Kaun and they made WhatsApp. WhatsApp grows more than Facebook it has billions of users. The speciality of this application was that it works with phone number and only one number can use for one time in one phone. After the success of this application the Facebook company who rejected Brian later the Facebook company buy  the WhatsApp in 19 billion dollar. And today WhatsApp is owned by Facebook company.


Twitter is one of the most using  microblogging application it was founded by Jack dorsey, Evan Williams , Noah glass and Biz stane on 21 March 2006 at San Francisco. Today all big stars, politicians, sports men are using this application it is a platform where all the big issues are discuss at the  global level. At this platform the users can share their views or ideas with some word limits, the registered users can post like and retweet  the tweets but the users who are not registered can only read them.


Instagram is one of the application who changes the role of photography.this application increases the value and importance of photography, today this application become one of the best way to become popular  by increasing followers and this application is used by all the celebrities to connect with  everyone. Instagram was founded by Kevin systrom on 6 October in 2010. In  starting it was entered in Apple store only , the main motive of this application was to make creative and more beautiful the  mobile photos. Kevin systrom  work for sometime at the Google then later he start working on his own dreams to make something new, he join one of his friend Mike Krieger.Users  like this application because of its filters which make photos more beautiful and creative. Today it is one of the favourite application of all youngsters .In  2012 Facebook buys the Instagram in 1 billion dollar.


If we talk about YouTube so today YouTube is one of the most using application for an entertainment. Mobile phones had  replaced the place and importance of TV with YouTube.
YouTube was started by Chad Harley, jawed Karim and Steve Chen in 2005, who are former employees of PayPal before starting YouTube people make videos but they found difficulties in uploading that video so they want some new application which may help them in uploading videos without any difficulty .On 14 February (Valentine day) 2005  this application was launched and today it is the biggest online site, the first video uploaded on it was by one of the Co-founder of  this application which was of 27 minutes it was uploaded on 23 April 2005.

Today YouTube have millions of users it is a platform where we can find all type of videos like movie songs, learning videos, funny videos and many more other videos, there are many youtubers who made video for their uses , from beginning to end it has many record-breaking video historys .Google had buy YouTube on 9 October 2006 and this deal was one of the biggest online deals.

social media become famous as well as  infamous from connecting one person with another sharing views and ideas to defaming someone, increasing Cyber crimes and many other things. We can say it has also  negative side because there are many unwanted things happening on this platform like rumours and  unuseful posts are spreading through this platform,  vulgarity is one of the biggest problem. On YouTube copyright issue one of the  problem ,bad commenting on someone posts  Cyber bullying are the major issues .

Advantages of Social Media Platform

  • It helps to connect with our Friends, Family, Relatives and other persons
  • It helps to give our Views on any topic, knowledge and other information to others
  • Helps on learning various things such as cooking, yoga, Gym and many other things
  • It helps people to show their talent by posting their videos on youtube and other sites
  • Entertainment medium is upgraded with social networking

Dis-Advantages of Social Media Platform

  • Cyber crime has increased
  • Youngster are wasting their time more
  • Voilence, Fake news and Hate speech are circulating more fast
  • Personal security leaked issue
  • Do not misuse social media platform, use limited time when you are free 
  • Do not circulate fake news
  • Use it to learn something new


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