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What is Drone | How Drone Technology Works by Knowledge Spreader

What is Drone and How Drone Technology Works. 
If you want to know What is Drone and How drone technology works then you are at right place and this article is for you

What is Drone?

It is unmaned aircraft which makes our works easier in various fields. It can be controlled by Remote, Computer or Mobile.
Agriculture sector- For take care the crops of largest area without entering in it.
Government use it to monitor the People
It is used in Construction company.
Many armed forces uses it for watching the activities of the other country.

Drone also contain camera which is the best part of this craft
It is of two types

  • Consumer drone
  • Armed force drone

Consumer drone is divided into 3 category
  • Single rotor
  • Multi rotor
  • Fixed wing
There is most popular Multi rotor drone is  Quadcopter. It is called Quadcopter because it have four rotor which have 4k camera and  best manage of collision.

Based on the size there are 5 different types of drone


It is very small/mini drone which is budget friendly . We can fly this drone in our indoor It contains propeller gaurd to protect  damage during learning process
If you are buying first time, to learn how to blow then this drone is for you.

  •  Parrot Airborne
  •  Cargo mini drone
  •  Predator mini drone
  •  Holy Stone HS 170

Hobby Drone

It is mid sized drones  having large propeller and large frame, It also have camera for aerial photography but if you want high resolution then you have to purchase expensive model which have advanced feature of Headless mode, Altitude mode, One key take off and landing
Some popular model are-
Syma X5C-1 Explorer

Professional Drone

It is best in advance level of technology suited for Aerial Photography
It have longer flight time of 25 minute minimum
It have feature of obstacle avoidance
Most popular are
DJ1 Phantom 4 Professional
DJ1 Mavic 2 pro

Selfie Drone

It is small and compact.It is popular for those who believes compact  setup
It can be used indoor and outdoor both.
It is popular to various people
Most popular models at low cost is JJRC H37 to the high end DJI Spark  which have Facial Recognition and Gesture Control.

Racing Drone

 It is used for high speeding. Its speed is more than other drone. It is best for those who p interest in drone racing, you may buy below mention drone
Walkera F210 FPV
Eachine wizard X2205

How Drone Technology Works?

The drone fly with the help of 4 rotor,
Leaves in the rotor push the rotor down due to which drone rise and starts flying, Out of four rotor leaves two is moving in clockwise and other two is moving in anticlockwise direction due to which air pressure is controlled.

As per guidelines provided by DGCA there are 5 categories of drones
1) Nano(having weight up to 250gm
2) Micro(having weight 250gm-2kg)
3) Small(having weight 2kg-25kg)
4) Medium(having weight 25kg-150kg)
5) Large(having weight more than150kg)

Nano drones weighing less than 250 meters and height up to 50 feet can fly without any restrictions and all other drones have to get permission to fly by registering with DGCA, where you get UIN NO., which stands for unique identification number of your APR  by which the DGCA department can easily locate your drone by UIN number
You can get permission only in certain conditions which are as follows-

  • Verification while Registration
  • Valid contact details such as CIN, GSTIN or PAN card
  • Purpose of buying drone
  • Specification of Remotely Piloted Aircraft
  • Weight of RPA and carrying loads
  • Manual operation books
  • Maintenance guidelines
  • Manufacturer’s certificate ETA of WPC Wing, Department of Telecommunication for RPA
  • Security clearance from Ministry of home Affairs not older than five years from the date of apply.


  • Used for deep video and photography in wedding at different angle
  • Police uses it for monitoring the people
  • Used for  agricultural take care
  • Used in monitoring the activity of other country and it can also be use at war time for targeting any specific area with higher accuracy
  • It is used in wildlife for research on animals
  • Used for delivering foods 
  • Helpful in Airstrikes in Army


  • Privacy of any person will leak
  • Flight time is short
  • Collision with buildings
  • Sometimes collision with public transport
  • Risk when near to helicopter or any aircraft

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