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What is GPS and How it works by Knowledge Spreader

What is GPS and how it works? 

If you do not know what is GPS and how it works then you have most welcome on this article you do not get panic, your all question and doubts are going to be clear
Today, I am going to tell you all about GPS System, its use, work, Advantage and Disadvantage. We will also discuss how a country is powerful with strong GPS.

  • What is GPS and full form of GPS?
  • How does GPS work?
  • Where are GPS used?
  • What's the history?
  • Use of GPS?

What is GPS?

GPS is the system where we can locate or trace actual location of any Place, shop,people or whatever we want.
Example- If we have to travel at any new place where we do not know anything then we take the help of GPS

What is the full form of GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and  Apart from this, it is also known as NAVSTAR.

How does GPS work?

Mainly GPS system works on three things:
GPS Receiver, Internet Connection and Satellite. When we turn on GPS in our Smart phone to use GPS, then first step is GPS Receiver to receive data from Satellite and then it provide actual data of that time to us.

There are two important things in GPS -

  • Send Time
  • Receive Time

With the help of these two, GPS Receiver find the distance between the mobile device and Satellite, it is either telephonic or internet reception and it also verify the distance is correct or not, by following this procedure up to 4 times and then we trace the correct location which can be seen to our Smart phone screens.
Send time and receive time are meet up for accuracy of the location.

Where are GPS used?

Now a days there are various thing for which we have implemented GPS system to make our work easier, i am going to tell you such an example where GPS are used-


Few years ago when GPS system was not developed then people are not able to reach at  any new place smoothly and timely, they need extra time if they have to reach on time.

Now a days GPS is being used in the Transport Sector now people are able to reach their destination easily as well as timely by using GPS.

Now many GPS devices available in market for different purpose which is used in car bikes or any vehicle to know the information of any Place or Person.

Armed force

All the armed force uses the GPS system to identify the enemy location
With this system only that particular area will be targeted where we have to kill our enemy and none other area will be disrupt or harm.
In Airforce all fighter plane, missiles etc are using GPS to target the enemy from air to ground.
At the border area 'Mortar and canon' also work on GPS Technology to give the strong reply to their enemy.
In Anti-defence missiles system all upcoming enemy missile are finished in air before it reach to us.


We have heard many news that police catch the criminal from their secret location by tracing his phone. GPS are very helpful for police to find any criminal by targeting their location.


Many women get fear during travelling in auto, taxi and in this situation they have option in their phone to send her location to the family and police with GPS.

Especially the women who is travelling late night may use GPS for their safety related problem it may be help to catch the Criminal.


Many food delivery application such as Zomato, Swiggy, Food panda, Uber eat etc are able to deliver their food to their customer by using GPS navigation system.
Many delivery website such as
Flipkart, Amazon etc are used GPS to trace the location of their customer to deliver their product to their door.

History of GPS
GPS project was started in 1973 by US Department of defence
First satellite was launched in 1978 for the US military. America wanted to trace the information of their enemy country to protect his country with advance technique that is why he wanted to develop such type of technology to kill their enemy before the attack. In 1983, a Korean Airlines flight  went in to the restricted area of ​​the Soviet Union which was totally accidental after which the Soviet union destroy the plane. 239 people travelling on plane get died.

After the tragic incident, US President Ronald Reagan decided that he would make the GPS System for accurate root path all over the world. After this, 24 satellites was launched by American government within 10 years, In 1995 GPS became available to the general public for the first time in 1995 under American govt ideology.

Do you know which Countries have their own GPS system?

  1. United states(GPS): United state is the first country in the world who introduces satellite technology global positioning system.Total Satellite is 33, Satellite in orbit is 31, Orbital height- 20180km.
  2. China 'BeiDou Navigation satellite system'(BDS)
  3. Japan(QZSS)
  4. Russia(GLONASS)
  5. European Union(Galileo)
  6. India(NAVIC)

Important use of GPS on daily basis:

  • We send our location to our family for safety purpose
  • We can see the distance between two places
  • Ola, Uber use GPS system to drop their customer
  • We can search nearby essential items which are used in our daily life
  • If we want to book hotel then by GPS availability we book hotel nearby us
  • It helps Police to trace the Criminal by GPS System
  • Flights, and in Armed forces 


  • Women are safe
  • Do not need to ask address to anyone
  • Easily find location of place which we need
  • Defence system get more HI-TECH with GPS
  • Easily ride anywhere
  • Help in Criminal traceability 
  • Keep an eye to enemy
  • It works in all the climate season
  • It is useful in water body navigation
  • Low cost, due to which it is also available in our mobile


  • Battery discharge issues
  • Privacy related issues
  • Some commercial exploitation take place
  • Signal issues

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